Pie Aeronefs SA
Intelligence in flight


Pie Aeronefs SA is a young Swiss manufacturer of electric aircraft.

Founded in 2020, the company's goal is to bring carbon-free light aircraft to market by 2026. They will have performance equal or superior to traditional piston devices, thanks to the distributed electric propulsion.

As a young company, we are starting the project with the construction of an “UR-1” electric racing aircraft which will participate, from 2021, in the international “Air Race E” competition.


Zero emissions

Electric, our aircraft do not directly produce CO₂ during their use.


Swiss Made

Our planes are made in Switzerland and we source it locally where possible.



We study and work on new concepts to improve the autonomy and performance of our devices.

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04-2020 Company foundation
09-2020 UR-1 manufacturing
04-2021 First flight
09-2021 Air Race E Championship
04-2022 UR-2
05-2022 UG-3
01-2025 UG-3 certification and sale


In order to reduce the carbon footprint of future aviation, we are not only focusing on electric engines and batteries, but also on other concepts, particularly in aerodynamics.

The "V" tail

This type of "V" shaped configuration has been brought up to date by our team. By removing a flight surface, we are able to decrease drag.

Electric motor

Powerful from low revs, quiet and economical, an electric motor does not need to warm up or idle while waiting at airports. This considerably reduces the environmental and noise impacts.

Wing battery pack

The energy storage is located in the wings. Developed to measure, our batteries are efficient and durable. Surrounded by aerospace grade fire-resistant materials, we guarantee occupant safety.

Air Race E

Air Race E is the world's first and only all-electric air racing championship. Complementing Air Race 1, this new category will serve as a test bed for the technologies of the future.


swiss stable

150 kW

Maximum power

590 km / h

Maximum speed

272 kg

Empty mass

Pie Aeronefs - Aircraft UR-1 - 3/4 view

Starting in 2021, we will test our concepts at the world's first all-electric air racing competition, under the team name " Team Magpie ”. Broadcast around the world, this Airbus-funded event will serve as a technology accelerator in the same way as motorsports in general.

Alongside other high-ranking teams, we will be the only Swiss team and, of course, intend to position ourselves as the most efficient team and thus, later, adapt our research to certified general aviation devices and sold across the planet.

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UR-1 aircraft

The Air Race E is an event where the success does not lie only in the quality of piloting but in a multitude of factors.

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the Race

Air racing dates back almost as far as "heavier-than-air" ones exist. In 1909, they were already competing in the Prix de Lagatinerie in France. Since then, the devices have evolved, they go faster, they are lighter and the flight technique more precise.

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We are proud to be supported by these partners, sponsors and technical sponsors and thus be able, all together, to move towards greener aviation.